THE MAHARAJAS: Moody Garage Series 7″


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Don't Call My Name

You Can't Erase a Mirror

The first  seven inches in BACK TO BEAT Moody Garage Series, where the label asked current bands they like to cover their favourite moody garage classics. MOODY001 is a 4 track EP by The Maharajas from Sweden, who have been playing rock’n’roll influenced by moody garage for more than twenty years.

Side A
1. Don’t Call My Name
2. You Can’t Erase A Mirror
Side B
1. I Can Live Without You
2. Life Goes on 04:38

Mathias Lilja – Vocals / Guitar
Jens Lindberg – Guitar / Bass / Vocals
Ulf Guttormsen – Bass / Guitar
Jesper Karlsson – Drums / Percussion / Flute
Gueast appearance by Henrik Wind (The Strollers) on Farfisa Compact Duo & Vox Continental.
Recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by John Gordon.
Artwork by Avi Spivak.

Don’t Call My Name was written by Allan Varela and Dick Turano, and originally performed by The Weads.
You Can’t Erase a Mirror was written by Bob Holland and Jerry McMillen, and originally performed by Children of the Mushroom.
I Can Live Without You was written Otto Molendijk, and originally performed by Dat En Wat.
Life Goes On was written by Bill Gartner, and originally performed by The New Dawn.

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