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I built a house
A big TV
I am happy here
I have my guns 

These lyrics open the second album by The Toxics: A Place Called Razors Edge. The narrator’s outlook on life is spartan and cynical: only the strong survive, and fortune favors the most wicked. Isolation and loneliness feed the inner black hole, which might consume him at any given moment. Even the slightest nudge might tip him over…

The theme of balance is present in many of the album’s stories: between good and evil, the decent and indecent, and between truth and a lie. The band’s renewed lineup as well as the stylistic production by Lauri Eloranta enable more diverse expression. Alongside primal energy there are also more subtle tones, as well as melodic sensibilities. Should push come to shove though, The Toxics will surely shatter stages just as before. For the single Razors Edge, The Toxics guitarist Ilkka Luttinen directed a epic 3D video you can check it on the top of this page.

The record was recorded and mixed in fall 2020 in Lazarus Studios by Lauri Eloranta.
The Finnish distributor is
Svart Records.

A side

1 – Dirty Little Cigarette
2 – Gaffer Tape
3 – Different Lies
4 – One Man Party
5 – White Widow
B side
1 – Down Down
2 – Mythomaniac
3 – Fainted Picture
4 – Razors Edge
5 – Sunday Dress

Production, recording and mixing: Lauri Eloranta
Mastering: Virtalähde Mastering

The Toxics - Razors Edge (official video)

The Toxics
Jens Hortling (vocals)
Ilkka Luttinen (guitar)
Tero Kumpulainen (guitar)
Tuomo Laakso (drums)
Marco Menestrina (bass) 

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