THE TOXICS: Dirty Little Cigarette 7″


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THE TOXICS: Dirty Little Cigarette 7″

I’m leaving behind
the streets that would kill me
I’m leaving behind
what should’ve been not my life

howls Jens on next 7” single to be released by The Toxics: Dirty Little Cigarette. Cold realities of narrators life have escalated to a point, where only possibility is a full turn, great escape and rewriting of his own fate. Song is forward pumping, flamboyant garage-twist. It’s perfect soundtrack for jumping headfirst to an unknown future, where only thing for sure is, that it can’t be worse than the past…

B-side of the single, Talk Too Much, is a classic no-nonsense rock‘n’roll rally. Old friendship has started to grow twisted. Party night is shadowed by troublesome feelings when facades start to crumble revealing a reality withered by lies.

A-side “Dirty Little Cigarette” is taken from their upcoming album later this year on Chaputa! and side B an exclusive new song for this 7-inch only.

A – Dirty Little Cigarette
B – Talk Too Much

Edition of 500 copies on black vinyl.
Artwork by Mik Baro.
Preorders to be sent with band postcard.

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